VGA & USB 2,0 transmission over a single Cat5/6 cable


• VGA displays and USB 2.0 peripherals can be placed up to 125 m away from the computer
• Receiver units for 125 meter distance
  Supports distances up to 150 m if only USB and Keyboard and mouse are connected.

• Excellent video quality:
       - the VU 125 support resolutions up to 2048x1536 at 50 meters and 1280x1024
       - at 125 meters.
• All USB 2.0 peripherals are supported, including keyboard, mouse, scanner, mass storage devices 2.0.
  Web cameras, audio, touch screens ect.

• Two Power supplies and system cables are include
• No software installation required

Technical Specifications

Maximum Resolution:        

Up to 2048 x 1536 @ 85 Hz at 20 - 50  meters
Up to 1280 x 1024 at 20 - 125 meter

Maximum distance: 125 m
Video Compatibility: VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA+; UXGA
Video Bandwidth:

Transmitter:  400 MHz
Receiver:     250 Mhz

Operating Temperature: 5-50°C (41 to 122°F)
Power Supply 5 v DC 2,0 A and 5v DC 0,5 A
Inter connection Cable: Cat 5,5e or Cat6, EIA/TIA 568 Pinout.
Connectors Transmitter RJ45 link HD 15 VGA 1 x USB Type B
Connectors Receiver RJ 45 link HD 15 VGA 4 x USB Type A



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